This Was the Weirdest Week of the Season So Far and Here’s Why

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1) We had a remarkable amount of serious QB injuries – By and large, serious QB injuries are few and far between. QBs are important and difficult to replace; so despite the occasional sack, they are pretty well-protected. We had four QBs forced to leave the game this week, which is a lot considering there are only 32 teams in the NFL. That’s an entire division’s worth of starting QBs.

Michael Vick (PHI) walked off the field 5 minutes into his Sunday morning game with what has been called a “pretty significant concussion.”

Alex Smith (SF) left his game after taking this hit in the afternoon.

Jay Cutler (CHI) also left with a concussion after taking this hit on Sunday night.

Just when we thought it was over, Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) left the game before the half with a nasty shoulder injury:

2) Backup QBs are having the best week ever! Except not really – An injured starting QB provides a rare, shining opportunity for the backup QB. The backups rejoice! And the rest of the team tries to smile while secretly thinking, “Oh f*ck.” Because there is a reason why a backup is not a starter. Backups Jason Campbell (CHI) and Nick Foles (PHI) failed to lead their teams to victory. Colin Kaepernik (SF) at least managed to take his team into overtime before ending in a tie. Only Byron Leftwich (PIT) managed to (barely) win, thanks to an interception in OT by Steelers LB Lawrence Tillman that led directly to a winning field goal by Shaun Shuisham.

3) We rediscovered that ties were a thing – At the end of the fourth, if teams are tied they go into OT, which is 15 minutes long, just like the other quarters. The first team who manages to score, provided that that both teams have an equal number of possessions, wins the game. Usually, this gets done reasonably quickly. But not so with the Rams fresh off their bye week and 49ers hampered without Alex Smith. The quarter goes by and not a score to be had. The refs call tie, which hasn’t happened since 2008. Thousands of people across America are like, “wait, what?” including players at the game. Lots of people were pissed, including Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

That’s the thing with the NFL. There’s no double or triple overtime. Ties are only broken for postseason playoffs standings, not in individual games. If you can’t get it done in one quarter, it just wasn’t meant to be. I guess that’s one thing that American Football and the other, lamer kind of football have in common.

Side note: In both the NFL and our own league, ties are scored as half a win and half a loss for each team, in case you were wondering.

4) …And clocks are important – As if that game wasn’t educational enough, it also taught NFL fans the importance of keeping time as well as keeping score.

Rams get possession first in overtime. Sam Bradford throws a sick, 80-yd pass to Danny Amendola who ran the ball inside the 5 yd. line. Rumor has it a whistle was blown. Or perhaps it was just John Harbaugh being extra observant. Either way, the Rams had a linebacker in place to play a TE position. When someone whose jersey number isn’t in the 80’s plays as a WR/TE, they have to report to the referee. So technically this was illegal formation. The refs were kind of confused. The players were kind of confused. And in the whole scuffle, the clock kept going until the penalty was officially called. Then the refs were like, turn back the clock! But nobody really knew what time to call it back to. It took a few peeks at the video and several minutes to realized that the clock had to be reversed almost a whole two minutes.

5) Yet another matchup came down to the wire – SCMB beat VSTR thanks to a suicidal, 27-yd pass of desperation to Dwayne Bowe with seconds left in the 4th quarter of the Monday Night Game. It was a key play that got the Chiefs into field goal range and then into overtime. It would be Bowe’s last catch of the night – Cassel’s next throw was also to Bowe, but was intercepted and turned into a winning field goal by the Steelers.

6) One matchup result changed magically overnight – I need to start making a habit of taking screenshots of the scoreboard after each wave of games, or at least on Sunday night so I can see what changes happen once the additional defensive points kick in on Monday morning. But all I know is that both TGD and BLN3 were done playing after the Sunday night game and TGD won by four. By morning, both of them had increased their scores, but BLN3 moreso. He actually won by two. Looks like someone had a visit from the matchup fairies.

Like the tooth fairy, but with biceps.

7) So now we have standings changes – Since VSTR lost this week, JOHN reclaims his title as Midwest division leader. There are a number of ties (VSTR-NSUE-SCMB, LEUN-BLN3 and CI-BDAS), but ties in the standings are broken by head to head matchups. Since NSUE has beaten both SCMB and VSTR, she remains in third place. Since SCMB just beat VSTR, SCMB climbs up one spot to fourth place. VSTR drops from second place (she was technically tied with JOHN, but her victory over him put her in second) to fifth. LEUN’s loss drops him to sixth place after SCMB, but he has the same record as BLN3. Their playoff standings could change by next week!

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your lineups tight tight tight.

Otherwise, you may receive a bench fail trophy like VSTR and SCMB.

Let’s look at their starting line (click to enlarge).

Told you this sh*t was close

Now let’s look at their bench.

Bench fail

We have one huge announcement:


So make sure you work out your trades before then or you’ll be throwing things like Pats coach Bill Belichick at a bad call.

Finally, there’s a new poll on the subject of ties. Feel free to weigh in.

Good luck in Week 11!

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