Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Another fantasy week has passed, and as we get celebrate the start of the holiday season, we get closer to the playoffs.


This week’s marquee matchup was a battle between lovers – Kristine’s team (Vinegar Strokes) vs. John’s team (Squirrel Masters).

Last time these two lovebirds got into it, it was probably over whose turn it was to do the dishes, or that he doesn’t communicate well and doesn’t share his feelings, or how she complains too much over small issues. You know, general relationship stuff.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. No, we’re talkin’ about football.

Way back in Week 2, Vinegar Strokes defeated the Squirrel Masters, 120 – 95.5, as John’s Chicago Bear heavy team suffered from the Bears embarrassing loss to the Packers, with 4 Bear players scoring only 12.5 points.

The Chicago Bears lost again embarrassingly this week to the SF 49ers, but this time, the Squirrel Masters would not get derailed. John showed why is team is ranked #2 in the league, as Doug Martin (who he won’t trade to me), AJ Green, Randall Cobb, and the Ravens D/ST all scored above 20 points, combining for 91 points alone. And Brandon Marshall at least got himself a touchdown.

Dammit John, why won’t you trade Doug Martin to me?

Vinegar Strokes actually fought back valiantly, and after Peyton Manning, Jimmy Graham, and fresh off the waiver wire Marcel Reece combined for 64 points, and was not far behind as Monday Night Football. However, touchdowns for the Squirrel Masters from Brandon Marshall and Michael Crabtree was enough to seal the win, 164.5 – 154.5.

Kristine can console herself with some pumpkin pie this Thursday

Another key matchup was #3 ranked Ndamukong Sue against #7 ranked Team TOO Good.

Sue’s team did not put up a good game, with 7 of her starters scoring 10 or less points, while Donna’s team countered with 2 big games from Calvin Johnson and Roddy White. Donna’s team ended up winning, even though her team was down with two players out on BYEs. The loss knocks Ndamukong Sue out of 3rd place, and Team TOO Good continues to make their playoff push.

Other Notes:

Team Gotye won 183-127, and RG3 threw 4 TDs for 37 points, and wasn’t even the #1 scorer. Andre Johnson, after weeks of lackluster play, put up a monster 14 catches for 273 yards and a 48-yd TD, becoming the scoring leader of the week with 54 fantasy points.

Andre Johnson’s Game-Winning 48-yard Touchdown

So Call Me Brady and Team Bulaon Cube both took care of business against their opponents, although both suffered significant injuries.

Team Bulaon just traded for Willis McGahee, who injured his MCL on Sunday, and is out 6-8 weeks. So Call Me Brady lost fantasy stud TE GRONK, who broke his forearm after the last extra point attempt of the game.

I hate to point it out, but Mary’s team is cursed. The list of players that have suffered significant injuries on her team is quite long:

Ryan Williams
Danny Amendola
Lance Moore
Roy Helu
Fred Davis
Greg Jennings
Darren Sproles
Rob Gronkowski

In fact is has prompted me to write this song for her team whenever she picks someone up off the waiver wire

Interestingly enough, I made trade offers for both those guys, GRONK and McGahee, and fortunately dodged a bullet. So now I guess I have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Pecan Pie, of course.

MMM…Pecan Pie…

Trade Deadline

Speaking of Trades, the Trade Deadline is WEDNESDAY, at 11 PM CST, or 9 PM PST. So if you’re scrambling to make a move in time for playoffs, make sure you get it in soon. All trades must be ACCEPTED by the trade deadline in order to stand.

Here’s a quick look at the new standings:

1) Guess That I Don’t Need Tebow (9-2)
2) Squirrel Masters (8-3)
3) So Call Me Brady (7-4)
4) Ndamukong Sue (6-5)
5) Vinegar Strokes (6-5)
6) Team Leung (5-6)

In the hunt for playoffs

7) Team TOO Good (5-6)
8) Team Bulaon Cube (5-6)
9) The Bad Assets (2-9)
10) Team Captain Insano (2-9)

There are 3 weeks left before playoffs, and the records are pretty close, so anything can happen. It doesn’t take much for the standings to shift, and there’s still time to either move up or solidify your spot in the rankings!

Approximately 3.14159 weeks left before playoffs!

Random Thoughts

Brandon Marshall was so excited that he got his new UCF shirt, that he couldn’t wait and took a picture of him wearing it in the Bears locker room. And we got a sneak peak of some “Bear ass”.

Speaking of ass, I hung out with a buddy this weekend in Seattle, the same guy I went to the Seahawks game with. He also brought a girl along that day, but because we had to go to work the next day, he unfortunately couldn’t hook up with her.

But that’s OK, because he told me he was gonna put that in the “Spank Bank.”

Spank bank. Good word. Spank bank.


BYE Weeks are all done now, so you no longer have to worry about shifting around your team with that. BUT, Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and there are 3 games on, so make sure you set up your lineup early!

With that, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrate with the #1 most popular Thanksgiving song this year with your favorite creepy black guy (who’s also probably on some watch lists)!

  1. steen says:

    that naked guy is awfully short, but then again brandon marshall is a giant

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