(Un)Lucky Number 13 – The Recap

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Ah yes. Week 13. For some, it’s a lucky number. For some, it brings misfortune. It really depends on who you ask.

For this guy - UNLUCKY

For this guy – UNLUCKY

Let’s see who fell on each side of fortune this week.

Not that he needed it, being that he clinched his division leader and playoff spot already. But GTYE won this one pretty easily. I mean, LEUN had neither QB nor WR. So he has one week left to fight to the death for a playoff spot. Meanwhile, GTYE continues to dominate.



This was the only matchup of the week wherein neither team was in contention for playoffs. But glory is glory, even in the consolation bracket. And they were tied. BDAS took the victory thanks to strong showings from Matt Stafford, Ahmad Bradshaw, Miles Austin and Joique Bell (who I dropped! Blast!) Also, CI neglected to start both a WR and an RB. In fact, CI has more people out than any other team in our league. She is also the only team to own someone who is no longer attached to a team in the NFL (Titus Young). Gurl, you may wanna fix that.

Not even Fix it Felix can adjust your lineup. It's all up to YOU!

Not even Fix it Felix can adjust your lineup. It’s all up to YOU!


This is the second time the two sisters face each other. But this time, playoff spots are on the line. It almost seemed lost for VSTR, as TGD was up a ridiculous amount of points after the first round of games, largely in part to Megatron just doin’ the damn thing after Titus Young was kicked off the team and Ryan Broyles tore his ACL in the first quarter.

One-handed. Like. A. Boss.

One-handed. Like. A. Boss.

But VSTR has always had a knack for emergency sleeper pickups. Case in point: Marcel Reece, Cecil Shorts and her clutch, award winning pick up in Week 12 with the Bengals D/ST. VSTR picked up and played Bryce Brown, who just KILLED on the field and scored her 33 fantasy points and allowed her a wide enough margin that Eli Manning couldn’t close.  TGD is forced in a do-or-die situation with her next matchup against SCMB. VSTR secures her spot in the playoffs and leaves me with this fun fact.SiblingRivalry


At 342.5, BLN3 had the highest scoring roster this week by a long shot! (Second place was JOHN with 260.5.) However, BLN3 was also the only person this week whose bench scored more than his starting line. In fact, his bench’s lowest scorer was LB Chad Greenway at 13.5 points, which is actually really good for a DP. Other notable errors? Brandon Myers (31 pts), Pierre Garcon (28 points), Cam Newton (28 points), and really anyone who isn’t Ryan Broyles (IR’ed after just one catch. SCMB’s curse is contagious).

I agree, Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin. I agree.

I agree, Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin. I agree.

Since games aren’t won on the bench, JOHN extends his winning streak to six weeks (the longest this year) and secures his spot as the Midwest division leader. BLN3 also enters a do-or-die situation in Week 14 against CI.


This was the closest matchup of the week, the second among seesters, and the second amongst teams who were tied. If this were the NFL, this would have been one of the nationally televised games.

The week started off on a bad foot for SCMB. She was in the process of putting Lance Moore on her starting line when she received a phone call that ended at precisely 8:21 p.m., 1 minute after Lance Moore locked on her bench. She would lose 21 points for that mistake. NSUE took a strong and early lead thanks to Adrian Peterson being ridiculous. All Day ran for 210 yds, including this 82-yd TD.

The fact that the Vikings still lost after All Day's crazy contributions only emphasizes just how terrible Christian Ponder really is.

The fact that the Vikings still lost after All Day’s crazy contributions only emphasizes just how terrible Christian Ponder really is. Because DAMN!

SCMB countered with incredible performances from her remaining starters, including this lovely TD by Josh Gordon in his best game of the season.

All the Josh Gordon action kind of took away from Trent Richardson's usual contributions. But I guess you can't win 'em all.

The moral of this story – start anyone against Oakland.

By Monday morning, SCMB finished with only a 2.5 point lead, and NSUE still had Santana Moss, a consistent double-digit scorer over the past few weeks. Surely, after two weeks of teasing NSUE for not starting Moss, Moss would be SCMB’s undoing! Oh Karma! You bitch!

Except not really. Moss had one rushing attempt and that’s about it. He got the one point for the Redskins win over the Giants, but it wasn’t enough to topple the slim lead.With that, SCMB reclaims third place in the standings and effectively secures her place in the playoffs. Despite her tragic loss, NSUE has one foot on the lucky side of Week 13. Because TGD, LEUN and BLN3 lost their matchups, NSUE’s 7-6 record is enough to clinch her spot in the playoffs as well.

And that’s about it for Week 13. However, stay tuned for a special edition LM note this week in which we explain our playoff formats, provide tips, and help you strategize in the weeks ahead.

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