At the End of All Things – Your Playoff Preparation Guide

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Here we are at the end of all things – the last week before playoffs. Some of you have been here before. Some of you may have even came through this as a champion. But if you are new or just never really understood how this works, here is your guide to playoffs. Hopefully this answers some of your questions and helps you strategize your path to winning that cash money!

How do you get in to playoffs?

Our playoff structure is modeled after the NFL. And in our 10-team league, we have 6 spots in the playoffs.

  • Division Leader spots (2): We have two divisions in our league – Pacific and Midwest. The players with the best record win the division leader spot. Along with that comes a guaranteed spot in the playoffs and a bye week for the first round of playoffs.
  • Wildcard spots (4): These four spots are filled with the next four teams with the best record, regardless of division.

Our league records are so close! What happens if there is a tie?

Our tiebreaker policies are also modeled after the NFL.

  • In the event of a tie for the division leader position, the player with the best intra-division record will secure the division leader title.
  • Ties for the wildcard positions get a little more complicated, so bear with me. The tie-breaker procedures follow this order
  1. Head to Head Matchups – The player who won more head to head matchups between the teams gets a higher standing. For example, if TGD and BLN3 had a tied record after Week 14, TGD would get the higher standing because she beat BLN3 twice during the regular season.
  2. Points For (PF) – If the tied teams have won equal matchups or if the tied teams have not played each other an equal number of times, the tie is broken by that team’s total PF during the regular season. For example, SCMB and NSUE have both beaten each other once during the regular season. If both teams were to go 8-6 after week 14, SCMB would get the higher standing because she scored more points overall during the regular season. This tiebreaker would also go into effect if LEUN, BLN3 and TGD were to all go 6-8 next week.
  3. In the miraculous event that neither Head to Head matchups or Points For will break the tie, the player with the best intra-division record will get the higher standing.

Who is going to playoffs?

We don’t exactly know for sure. If playoffs were to happen right now, this is what it would look like.

  1. GTYE – Pacific Division Leader
  2. JOHN – Midwest Division Leader
  3. SCMB
  4. VSTR
  5. NSUE
  6. TGD
  7. BLN3
  8. LEUN
  9. BDAS
  10. CI

However, we still have one more week of matchups, and only the division leader positions have been determined for sure. Three additional teams – SCMB, VSTR and NSUE – have a guaranteed spot in the playoffs because of their record. Their seeding (position) within the Wildcard matchups has yet to be determined. Two teams – BDAS and CI, have effectively dashed their playoffs hopes. That leaves three teams – BLN3, LEUN and TGD – who are still fighting for a spot.

I’ve already secured a spot in the top six – can I just mentally check out until playoffs?

If you want. But if you aren’t a division leader, there is Home Field Advantage at stake. The 3rd and 4th place teams get one extra point to simulate Home Field Advantage. Before you pooh-pooh over that one point, note that this season, we have had 5 matchups decided by 5 points or less, and 2 matchups decided by 1 point or less.

Does your regular season record combine with your playoff record?

Nope! Not at all. If I went into playoffs with an undefeated record, but then got knocked out in my first matchup, my winning record means nothing. Out is out.  The regular season record determines your starting point during the playoffs, but nothing more.

I didn’t make it to playoffs. Why should I bother?

Because it’s still randomly kind of fun? Because you aren’t a quitter? Because only 3 people in this league are going to get a cash prize, and the rest of us are just competing for bragging rights? Sure, there’s always next year. But why let that get you down? You are still playing for the consolation bracket; and as playoff matchups are lost, more of your league mates will join you. So set your lineup and end this season with a bang!

If you have any more questions about playoffs, leave them in the comments, find me on Facebook, call me, whatever. But best of luck! Have fun! May the odds be ever in your favor.


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