Keeping the Streak Alive!

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This past week, two of our top teams suffered, their first loss, while one of the bottom teams showed some life and earned her first win!

Games of the Week!

Two matchups between the undefeated, and one between the un…victorious?

Wizzard Sleeves vs. Quizz On Your Face

This matchup started out close. Jayson’s team (Quizz On Your Face) started out with a whopping 16.5 points from Navarro Bowman on Thursday night, and added another 45 points from big games by the Texans workhorse back Arian Foster (171 total yards, 1 TD), and Jay Cutler’s favorite target Brandon Marshall (7 catches for 79 yards, and the always fun 2 point conversion). But Senor Bongratz matched those 45 points with a couple of Chicago Bears of his own, Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett, who combined for almost 200 receiving yards, and raised it another 20 with Larry Fitzgerald (68 yards and a TD).

Smokin’ Jay Cutler and his bestie.

But the second round of Sunday games is where this matchup was put away. The Denver Broncos faced the Philadelphia Eagles, pitting Peyton Manninga and Demariyus Thomas of the Wizzard Sleeves against Michael Vick and Shady McCoy of the Facials.  If any of you have seen this game, or if you’ve ever followed football sometime this year (or any time in the past 10 years really), then you know how good Peyton Manning is.  With 327 passing yards and 4 Touchdowns, 2 of which went to Demariyus Thomas, Manning was playing like he was going for a high score (although he only got a measly 33 fantasy points), and put this one in the heavy-duty meat freezer with a 52-20 win over the Eagles. Meanwhile, Vick and McCoy fell flat and combined for 21 fantasy points and 0 TDs, thoroughly outscored by Demariyus’ 30 points. The Broncos offense has been as hot as a pizza oven all season, and not even off-hand verbal distractions could get to them.

Wizzard Sleeves took this matchup 158.5 – 122.5 and stays undefeated, while Quizz On Your Face deals with his first loss of the season.


Katniss Evereen and Pitta Mellark vs. The One Who Knocks

Not much to say about this one here. Two 3-0 teams at the start of the week, although the odds are only in one’s favor.

Unlike the other matchup between undefeated teams, this one was finished quick, and it wasn’t even close. To keep it simple, the Tributes from District 12 had every offensive player score at least one touchdown, and even got one from the newly acquired Colts D/ST!

The One Who Knocks puts in a valiant effort on a solid day, including 25 points from Jamaal Charles. But by Sunday night, Mary’s team was down by so much, not even 39 points from Drew Brees on Monday Night Football could help (especially because one of those went to Darren Sproles of KEPM). The One Who Knocks put in a respectable 169 points, it just wasn’t enough to top Katniss Evereen and Pitta Mellark, who earned this week’s high score of 220.5 total fantasy points.

Katniss Evereen and Pitta Mellark move to 4-0, while The One Who Knocks faces their fate of an ended undefeated streak. It was a fitting end for a team whose name comes from one of the greatest shows on television, with a series finale on the same day.

After the matchup, the manager of KEPM held this press conference:



Game of the Weak: Dangerous Boners vs. Team Sexy DC Bitches

Our two lowest ranked teams got the opportunity at a face-off, and Sue’s team came out with the win. She actually played gutsy, benching Colin Kaepernick for Alex Smith and starting Robert Woods. Smith and Woods ended up being brilliant plays as they scored 23 fantasy points each, and the Dangerous Boners rage on to their first win of the season, 169.5 – 113.5. Not all bad news for Jen’s team though. She’s still without a win, but for once, she broke the 100 point margin and actually didn’t have the lowest score of the week!

Baby steps.

Not a picture of Baby Steps, but what a great time to sneak in a random picture of my nephew!


Upcoming Matchups

Next week, the 4-0 Katniss Evereen and Pitta Mellark takes on Team Leung, who somehow keeps winning even with minimal participation in the league. How does he do it? It’s what we in the engineering world call PFM.

It means, “I don’t know.”

The Wizzard Sleeves takes on Everyday I’m Russellin. We all know that Senor Bongratz’s team is undefeated, but what you might not know is that KJ’s team has actually scored 50 more points than him over the course of the season. Those team are both playoff contenders, so this is a matchup to watch.

We also have Kristine’s team, Vinegar Strokes, going up against Stef’s team, The Bad Assets. Both are 0-4, and have been on the losing end of some really unfortunate matchups. Kristine has had some especially brutal losses, scoring 197 and 173 in different weeks and losing both. We’ll see this Sunday which team gets their first win.

And finally, I’d like to extend a hand to Jayson’s Quizz On Your Face for his preliminary win against Jen’s Team Sexy DC Bitches! Jen’s pan-Redskin team is on a BYE this week, which means she doesn’t even have enough people to set a legal lineup! She didn’t really before either though, since her only Tight End and Kicker were injured and never replaced, but Jayson, you just struck fantasy matchup gold! And Jen, let’s hope your team of Matt Stafford, Bernard Pierce, and a bunch of benchwarming fill-ins is enough to pull off a legendary upset. Good luck!


Power Rankings

We end this week with our ever-changing Power Rankings, and you can guess who’s solidified themselves as the top teams, and who might just be breaking out from the bottom of the barrel.

Rankings Week 4


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