Underdogs are having the best week ever! This goes for the NFL and our very own league. Surprising changes and injuries have turned a few games on their heads. So here is how things went down.

Weekly Roundup

Game of the week:

KEPM and WZSL faced off this weekend. Both were in a 4-way tie for 1st place at 5-1, and both were near the top 3 of last weeks power rankings. This has been an anticipated matchup all season, but it didn’t turn out to be close at all.

JJ got off to a blazing start. A 3-TD game from Matt Forte (including a 50-yd bomb) and a 2-TD game from Megatron (including a sick catch in triple coverage) totaled 73 points alone, and all of his offensive starters finished in double digits for 174 total points.

Triple coverage, no big deal.

Run, Forte, run! For three TDs.

Meanwhile, John started out with on Thursday night with a weak 2 points from Larry Fitzgerald, who was bottled up by the Seattle Seahawk defense. An injury to RB Demarco Murray forced Arizona reserve Andre Ellington into Bongratz’s lineup, who provided another 2 points. His first round pick, Doug Martin, suffered a season-ending shoulder injury and could only muster 4 points. In fact, other than Dez Bryant (17 points), each of Bongratz’s players finished in single digits. His kicker and team defense totaled for -1 points, and his entire team earned him 77 points total, only 4 more than Forte and Megatron alone.

JJ earns the highest score of the week and moves to 6-1, while Bongratz takes his fluky loss and his week-low 77 points to the local tavern.

Surprise of the week:

The One Who Knocks, another team starting the week at 5-1, took on Stef’s team, the 1-5 Bad Assets. This game on paper seems like a slam dunk for Mary, especially when getting back GRONK (21 points). But alas, upsets happen. Mary picked up the hyped-up QB of the week, Nick Foles, who sucked in Michael Vick’s absence, and only managed to get 4 points before leaving in the 3rd quarter with an injury. She also started the wrong receivers (Edelman, Allen, and Wallace), and left 46 points on the bench in Eric Decker, Cecil Shorts, and Terrance Williams.

Stef, however, had a great week after being in a funk the past couple weeks. RBs Chris Johnson and Eddie Lacy had breakout games (22 points each), and those two combined with Aaron Rodgers and AJ Green combined for 102 points.

By the end of the 1pm/3pm CT games, both teams were tied at 141. But Stef still had two defensive players left, and took the win 167-141, thanks to a big game from DE Robert Mathis (2 sacks, 1 FF, 16 total points).

Mary is sad panda and falls to 5-2, while Stef moves to 2-5. Also, did she just get engaged to Chris Greene? Because I swear that happened 2 seasons ago. Flashback!


This looked like it would be close for a while. But then the Colts game happened. And in the process of serving Peyton Manning his first lost, Andrew Luck scored Kristine 30 points! Too bad she lost Reggie Wayne for the season in the process. At least she and Evan are both 3-4.

Power Rankings

 Around the NFL

About Those Underdogs

The Redskins beat the Bears in a pretty impressive shootout. Most of us were pretty bummed. Jen, obviously, was not. But I will let her have this moment.

As we mentioned, the Colts did really well and we will cover the context and implications of that victory later.

And there was a really interesting win by the Jets in overtime against the Pats, thanks in part to a new rule about field goal formations. This summer, the NFL ruled that when a team is in field goal formation, the opposing team cannot push players onto the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation, like so.

Nick Folk missed the 56-yard FG. But because of the penalty, the Jets moved up 15 yards and scored the FG for the win. Is it a stupid rule in the name of player safety? Yeah, kind of. But rules are rules and I like when underdogs win things EXCEPT against the Bears.

Everybody Hurts

So many injuries, guys. Serious ones, too. It’s pretty sad. We almost put together a tribute montage to all the people we’ve lost so far set to “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., but that would take too long and we’re not getting paid for this or anything. Sorry. Also Microsoft Movie Maker sucks. But here are some of the worst and most impactful injuries from Week 7:

  • Sam Bradford, ACL – season ending, should return in 2014
  • Jay Cutler, groin – 4 weeks
  • Reggie Wayne, ACL – season ending
  • Doug Martin, shoulder – indefinite
  • Brian Cushing, knee – season ending
  • Lance Briggs, shoulder – 4-6 weeks
  • Leon Hall, ankle – season ending
Broncos/Colts/Andrew Luck

The NFLs game of the week was the Broncos-Colts matchup on Sunday Night Football. We started with the SNF theme song, which used to be done by Faith Hill, but damn, Carrie Underwood? Upgrade!

This was the first time Peyton Manning returned to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to play an NFL game in a Broncos uniform, and got a grand welcome with a tribute and a standing ovation.

But after that, the reminiscing was over. Andrew Luck played an amazing game, passing for 3 TDs and running for another, and giving the Colts a big lead over the Denver Broncos, who many considered the best team in the NFL, after they ravaged so many others.

Peyton tried to come back, but constant pressure from former teammate Robert Mathis, and costly turnovers by both him and his teammates caused them to lose on Sunday Night. The hype belonged to Peyton, but the night definitely belonged to Andrew Luck. If it hasn’t happened already, this was a coming out party, or a changing of the guard (what a sports cliché).

Since Andrew Luck’s junior year at Stanford, everyone has known that this dude was going to be the Peyton Manning of the next generation: talented and supremely more intelligent over his peers. But he’s always seemed over hyped to me; I’ve heard Brent Musburger call him the greatest college QB he’s ever seen just for throwing a check-down pass! But tonight confirmed those assumptions. This guy is going to be good. It’s hard to imagine that this is the same guy who lost a bowl game to granny-pass interception machine Brandon Weeden.

 Houston Texans Smoke Weed Except Not Really

ESPN Houston Texans correspondent Tania “Ganja” Ganguli recently reported that the Houston Texans cut 3 of its players for smoking marijuana in a hotel room after their loss to Kansas City. Then about  half a day later, ESPN called takesies-backsies and said that they were just smoking a cigar. I don’t know what the truth is, but honestly, after the season they’ve been having, who can blame them? Not even Coach Gary Kubiak himself.

Josh Freeman

In other news, Josh Freeman was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and was picked up by the Minnesota Vikings and started for them on Monday Night Football. And he still sucks.


This week, SIX different teams are on a BYE week: Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Tennessee. So make sure you set you lineups accordingly!


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